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Chemical Industry

The joint-stock company NORD AD continues the traditions of the RMZ-Devnya mechanical repair plant for the repair, maintenance and assistance during the construction of chemical plants such as Agropolychim - for the production of fertilizers; the Soda Plant - for the production of calcine soda (soda ash), and Polymeri - for the production of polyethylene.

Our plant has equipment and employs experts with many years of experience both to manufacture, repair and service facilities, substructures and workpieces, as well as to manufacture and repair spare parts for the chemical industry.

Principal clients:


For them, NORD AD manufactures, repairs and services as follows:

  1. Development and servicing of cars and spare parts for the freight cable ways
  2. Manufacturing of chains for conveyors (plate and chain ones), stations (power-drive, tension and turn-around)
  3. Manufacturing and repair of speed reducer gearboxes (cylindrical and worm types). The reducer gearboxes are manufactured both following the customer's documentation and based on designs of our creation
  4. Manufacturing and repair of sludge pumps, circulator pumps
  5. Chain drives and gear mechanisms, safeguards for annular gears, laminated shims
  6. Manufacturing and repair of ball mills. Liners for ball mills. Repair of drums for catalysts
  7. Tubular grids for refrigeration barrels
  8. Steam head for the drier drum
  9. Distribution head for the vacuum filter
  10. Buckets for the skip hoist
  11. Couplings - gear-type, pin couplings, etc.
  12. Feeder mechanisms and spare parts for those
  13. Manufacturing and outfitting of ground wheels with diameter from 400 mm to 800 mm for hoisting cranes (cylindrical and conical) with the possibility of gas-flaming hardening of the work surfaces
  14. Brake discs and bands
  15. Steam and distribution head for the distillery column
  16. Manufacturing and repair of paseti (spare parts for distillation columns)
  17. Manufacturing of fittings – flanged pipes, elbow bends, couplings and tee-joints. Repair of valves for low and high pressure

Clients             agropolihimbulgartransgasbulgartransgas2bulyardplastchimsofiamed