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Extractive Industry

NORD AD works in the field of mining and inert substances, offering to its customers innovative constructive solutions and more stable materials. The scope of activities offered by by the company offers, includes:

  1. Manufacturing and repair of vibro sieves (vibrating screens) - of the heavy type
  2. Repair and outfitting of reducer gearboxes for the feeding mechanisms
  3. Repair of hammer crushers
  4. Manufacturing of interior liner plates for the crusher made of 110Г13 steel
  5. Manufacturing and repair of speed reducer gear
  6. Front wall and annular gear for ball mills
  7. Buckets for front loaders
  8. Safeguards for annular gears and other rotational workpieces
  9. Blades for blasting machines
  10. Cogwheels, axles and shafts
  11. Bunkers, air ducts, valves, sliding shutters and spouts
  12. Manufacturing and repair of speed reducer gear
  13. Wheel tracks and rollers for ball mills
  14. Various types of welded metal constructions with the possibility of heat treatment and the subsequent machining (frameworks, stands)

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