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The highly-qualified staff and experts, the excellent technical equipment and experience allow NORD AD to be preferred by its customers in this distinctive industry. Everybody at NORD AD is aware of their high level of responsibility when manufacturing and repairing goods in the field of power production.

The services which the company offers to its customers comprise:

  1. Manufacturing and repair of workpieces for ball mills (protective bumpers made of 110Г13Л steel), speed reducers (cylindrical, worm reducers), support walls, support bearings, annular gear, safeguards, etc.
  2. Manufacture and repair of spare parts and equipment for sludge, feed and circulatory pumps
  3. Manufacturing and repair of spare parts and equipment for electric filters
  4. Manufacturing and repair of fans (for smoke, dust, etc.)
  5. Manufacturing of spare parts for caterpillar tracks, plate and bucket conveyors