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Shipbuilding Industry

NORD AD is situated in proximity to the Varna-West loading and unloading port as well as to the largest shipbuilding plant of Bulyard KI.

The company is certified by the Bulgarian Register of Shipping to carry out the following activities:

  • Manufacturing and repair of hull structures and castings
  • Repair of mechanisms, systems and appliances
  • Machining of workpieces, elements and substructures of ship machinery and mechanisms

Besides, the company offers to manufacture:

  1. Bollards (of the heavy type) with anchor set
  2. Hawseholes - board and deck types/li>
  3. Guiding rollers
  4. Rotor blades for blasting machines
  5. Processing of unique rudder stocks and propeller screws
  6. Column lifts
  7. Rope setting device
  8. Spare parts for hoisting equipment (impeller wheels, gearboxes, etc.)

Clients bulyardodesosport-burgasport-varnaterem